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Online blogs about healthy aging written by health care professionals and others are increasing. The purpose of the current study was to analyze a first-person narrative blog about engaging with aging (EWA), with a goal of better understanding the process used to manage daily life and inform healthy aging for older adults. Using a thematic analysis approach, 67 blog posts written by a nonagenarian, retired nursing professor were analyzed. Emergent themes revealed the identification of age-related changes (e.g., physical, cognitive, functional, social, societal, psychological), characteristics of the age-related changes process, responses to age-related changes (e.g., feelings, attitudes), approaches and strategies to addressing age-related changes (i.e., the use of internal and external resources), and the outcomes of the approaches. The EWA blog posts help understand the aging experience from the perspective of an older adult, especially functional changes and how they affect daily life, as well as strategies used to adapt to changes. [Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 45(12), 21–27.]

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