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Traditional nursing admission processes may pose barriers to enhancing the diversity of the nursing workforce. Holistic admission moves beyond academic metrics to include applicants' experiences, attributes, and abilities.


Demographic and academic information was examined for students admitted to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program before and after holistic admission implementation, and a survey was completed by students admitted in 2014 through holistic admission.


The admission of Hispanic students significantly increased, whereas admissions of non-Hispanic White students significantly decreased. Academic metrics did not change significantly. Students rated the holistic admission process positively, with the interview rated as more valuable than the written application. Some students believed it could have a negative effect on students who were not racial or ethnic minorities.


Holistic admission may increase the diversity of a nursing class; however, it should be combined with other strategies to build a diverse pipeline. [J Nurs Educ. 2018;57(7):416–421.]

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